Thursday, April 25, 2019

Join the #NOPE / No Ottawa Prison Expansion readiness team!

While Premier Doug Ford and his team make deep cuts to education and social services, the provincial government announced it's moving forward with a new and bigger jail in Thunder Bay, which Infrastructure Ontario estimates will cost hundreds of millions of dollars just to design, build, finance and maintain through a 30-year public-private-partnership.

We need to be ready to respond quickly if Premier Ford and his team also move forward with a new and bigger jail in Ottawa that was previously announced by the Liberals under the leadership of then Premier Kathleen Wynne. In a terrible trade-off, the new Ottawa jail is projected to cost up to $500 million to $1 billion, all while the Progressive Conservatives are cutting $1 billion in social services across the province

Please join the Criminalization and Punishment Education Project's #NOPE / No Ottawa Prison Expansion readiness team to resist Premier Ford's push to build jails, while making brutal cuts to care and services that actually enhance community well-being and safety. Roles range in commitment from sharing our announcements with your contacts for those who cannot devote significant time to high-level planning for those who wish to be more involved.

Email your name, email address and/or phone number to to be added to our #NOPE readiness team. Upon receiving your email, we will be get in touch with you within a week with next steps.

To learn more about the #NOPE campaign click on the links below:

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Also check-out our op-eds explaining why building a new and bigger jail in Ottawa is a missed opportunity to enhance community well-being and safety in Eastern Ontario:

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(Rabble, 4 April 2019)

#got99solutions - bigger jails ain't one
With #our1billion #BuildCommunitiesNotCages
#NOPE / No Ontario Prison Expansion
#YESS / Yes to Education and Social Services

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